Wednesday November 28th
Covent Garden

The end of the year approaches rapidly, and so to help us get into the spirit of the festive season we have scheduled our final Story Social of the year for Wednesday 28th November. The theme is “…and that’s when the whole thing turned into a nightmare…“; feel free to bring a friend or colleague if you’d like to.

Be our guests for a drink and a bite to eat and listen to friends share stories containing these stomach-churning words; you might feel inspired to tell one of your own! In an increasingly changing and isolated world, stories connect us and help us make sense of things, allowing us opportunity to understand our own experiences and what it means to be human.

Perhaps you found yourself forced to trust a charlatan? Or maybe that dream home you poured every penny into turned out to be a bottomless money pit? Maybe your trip of a lifetime took a terrible wrong turn? When has your bubble been burst by the unexpected arrival of relatives? Maybe you or a loved one has had a hammer blow diagnosis from the doctor? Has your attempt to strike out on your own in business ended in tears? Suffering is part of life for all of us at some point; whether your story is laugh-out-loud funny or heartbreakingly sad, we’d love you to tell it.

Wednesday 28th November, from 6.00pm at the Seven Dials Club, 42 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9LA.

And if you wish to  join us for a free ‘Storytelling’ afternoon workshop before the Story Social in the evening, come along from 2pm to 5pm and work with others on your 5-minute “…and that’s when the whole thing turned into a nightmare….” story under our direction. We will give you some structure and help to craft an interesting and memorable story plus some techniques to boost confidence and calm those nerves, and then if you’re up for it, you can take to the stage in the evening. There are just 15 workshop places available – let me know if you’d like to take part.

Call Jeremy Francis on 020 7557 4377 or email: